Suicide = Selfish?

This post can be extremely triggering to anyone going through a period of recovery from either suicidal thoughts or depression. If any thoughts or feelings arise while reading this post, please refer to¬†http://prevent-suicide.org.uk/ , download the Stay Alive app, or for immediate help, call the Hotline Numbers: 116 123 (Samaritan) or 0800 068 41 41… Continue reading Suicide = Selfish?

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The Discovery of EDNOS: My Journey

I was reluctant to start a blog. There, I've said it. Blogging always seemed like an attention seeking way of getting people to notice you, and I was not going to be 'that girl' ever again. I soon realised that publishing a blog is a lot easier than publishing a book, and rethought the instant… Continue reading The Discovery of EDNOS: My Journey